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Python Programming

Python is a key language that companies are adopting as a platform of choice for multiple applications. Its getting popular by the day and there are large number of contributions from the community for almost any application, which are also open source. This makes it easier to adopt and develop custom applications faster, as you can pick and choose some of these relevant codes and jump start your development.

It is supported on many diverse platforms and hence is widely deployed on diverse applications from Finance, Analytics, machine learning, web development, gaming ,Automation, Big Data etc. As per wiki, The core philosophy of the Python language is summarized by the document "PEP 20 (The Zen of Python)".

There are plenty of companies that are looking for Python trained resources. If you are looking for better career opportunities, then getting a yourself trained in one the best Python training institutes in Bangalore should one of one your top agenda.

Python training course syllabus

Architecture & Programming

Python Programming

  •     Working with Variables
  •     Strings and Text
  •     Asking Questions, Prompting People
  •     Parameters
  •     Unpacking
  •     Boolean Practice
  •     What If, Else and If, Making Decisions
  •     Loops and Lists

OOPs & Programming

  •     Modules
  •     Classes & Objects
  •     OOPs Programming
  •     Inheritance
  •     Composition
  •     Creating Automated Tests
  •     Advanced user inputs
  •     Making sentences

Adv. Programming

  •     Branches and Functions
  •     Designing and Debugging
  •     OOPs Programming
  •     Dictionaries
  •     File IO
  •     Creating Reports
  •     Python Libraries e.g. Beautoful SOAP for Web Scrapping etc.
  •     Web Services
  •     Working with PANDA LibraryModules

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