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Adobe Photoshop - Course

We have identified the benefits of learning photoshop course in Trichy. PhotoShop training in Trichy is part of Web Designing training course class, Photoshop is the most popular program for creating and modifying images for the web. One of the best exercises you can do to begin learning the capabilities of Photoshop is to start with creating a montage of photos. Mostly used software application for the photoshop is Adobe Photoshop is an enormously powerful program with unparalleled versatility. With it, you can quickly change the background of an image, remove unwanted objects, alter colours and create eye-catching, attractive marketing material for your business. The graphics uses for Photoshop are almost unlimited.

If you have dealt with Photoshop, you can visualize what exactly high pass filter does and hence the formulation for it would be easier for you to understand or even figure out.Some of the key benefits of this program includes Enhanced presentations, reports etc, Amazing UI or webpages, The graphics uses for Photoshop are almost unlimited. The program has a huge number of filters, functions and other tools that help the graphics artist complete his task.

PhotoShop course Content / syllabus

Below is the PhotoShop course content in Greenma Infotech used by the training institutes as part of the PhotoShop course training. The PhotoShop course syllabus covers basic to advanced level course contents which is used by most of PhotoShop training classes in Greenma Infotech .

Introduction to Photoshop

Navigation and Resolution, Zooming an Image

Scrolling & Panning, Changing Resolution & Image Size, Upsampling an Image, Downsampling an Image. Using the Navigator Palette, Customizing Your View.
Rotate and Crop
Introducing the Crop Tool, Cropping with the Crop Tool, Cropping with the Marquee Tool, Automating Crop & Straighten, Straightening with the Measure Tool.

Basic Color Correction

Introducing Variations, Adjusting Color with Variations, Correcting Color with Variations, Using the Fade Command, Modifying Colors with Hue/Saturation, pecifying Colors in Hue/Saturation, Selecting Color Ranges in Hue/Saturation.
Red Eye Removal and Recolor:
Correcting Red Eye, Using the Red Eye Tool, Recoloring with the Brush Tool, Using the Color Replacement Tool.

Painting with the Edit Tools

Introducing the Dodge Tool, Introducing the Burn Tool, Introducing the Sponge & Focus Tools, Using the Dodge Tool, Using the Burn Tool, Working with the Sponge Tool, Pushing Pixels with the Smudge Tool.
Clone, Heal, and Patch:
Introducing the Clone Stamp Tool, Compositing with the Clone Stamp Tool, Using the Spot Healing Brush Tool, The Healing Brush & the Options Bar, Healing &Fading, Creating Textures & Patterns, Using the Patch Tool.

Using the Selection Tools

Introducing the Selection Tools, Using the Magic Wand Tool, Exploring Magic Wand Options, Using the Grow & Similar Commands, Selecting with the Polygonal Lasso Tool, Selecting with the Marquee Tool, Saving & Loading a Selection Outline, Making a Composite, Adding a Drop Shadow.

Cleaning Up a Selection Edge

Selecting with Color Range, Selecting Translucency. Darkening with the Multiply Blend Mode, Defining a Color Range, Selecting Image Highlights, Compositing Highlights into an Image.
Making the Most of History :
Modifying an Image Using Variations. Using Undo, Using the History Brush, Understanding History States, Fixing Saved Files, Choosing History Options, Saving Snapshots.

Introducing Layers

Customizing the Layers Palette, Creating a Layer Via Copy, Using the Spherize Command & the Eraser Tool, Moving Layers in the Canvas, Blending Layers, Creating a Clipping Mask, Changing the Layer Order, Using the Fade Command, Using a Levels Adjustment Layer, Activating a Layer & Making a Composite, Resizing the Canvas, Feathering a Selection to Create a Vignette.

Opacity and Blend Modes

Introducing Opacity & Blend Modes. Adjusting Layer Opacity, Adjusting the Fill Value, Understanding Last Document State, Introducing Blend Modes, Using the Normal & Dissolve Blend Modes, Using the Darkening Blend Modes, hanging Blend Modes with Keyboard Shortcuts, Using the Lightening Blend Modes, Using Overlay through Hard Mix Blend Modes, Using Difference through Luminosity Blend Modes, Applying Motion Blur to a Text Layer, Updating Layer Comps.

Advanced Blending

Introducing Advanced Blending, Creating a Lens Flare, Merging Layers with Screen Mode, Preserving Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac Dock, Previewing Free Transform, Merging Blend Modes, Adding a Logo Element, Grouping & Naming Layers, Creating Knockouts, Using the Luminance Blend Mode, Colorizing a Layer, Creating a Knockout from a Layer.

Layer Styles

Introducing Layer Styles, Colorizing an Individual Group Using Blend Modes, Selecting Layers with Keyboard Shortcuts, Applying a Drop Shadow to a Layer, Creating a Directional Inner Glow Using Inner Shadow, Adjusting Layer Colors, Duplicating Layer Effects, Working with the Layers Palette, Transparency Masking & Painting with Layer Styles, Enabling Layer Masks & Effects, Adjusting Opacity & Fill inside Layers, Saving & Applying a New Layer Style.

Masks and Channels

Selecting an Image with the Magic Wand Tool, Using the Channels Palette & Mixing Channels, Choosing a Blend Mode Best Suited for a Mask, Using the Variations Tool to Improve a Mask, Fixing the Edge of a Mask Using Inner Glow, Selecting a Color Channel Best Suited for a Mask, Adjusting Levels in a Color Channel, Using the Dodge & Burn Tools to Make a Mask, Inverting & Combining Channels for Mask Edges.

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