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PHP Training Institute - GreenMa

Scroll down to know about the need and benefits of PHP Training in Trichy and also you can gain information about the expertise area of PHP Training.

What is PHP? PHP- “Hypertext Pre-processor”

PHP is an open-source, server side scripting language. It is used to generate dynamics web site. PHP script reside between reserve php tags. This allows the program to embed PHP script within HTML tag. It is free to download and to use.

Why PHP?

  • PHP is easy to setup and use
  • There are many open-source CMS available based on PHP
  • It is widely used open-source language in web development
  • Highly secure
  • Support wide range of database

PHP Benefits

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)

Introduction to HTML, Formatting tags in HTML, Working with Table Tags, Basic structure of HTML.


    Introduction to PHP Script, Miscellaneous, Maintaining Validations in PHP Script, Working with Different types of Mouse Events, Looping statement in PHP Script.

Benefits of PHP Advanced

PHP’s role in the WWW ,Working with web forms ,The while construct ,The for construct ,Storing & retrieving information in variables ,Functions ,Variable scope in PHP ,The if construct ,Working with arrays ,PHP Basics ,Validating form data ,Reading & writing files with PHP ,Comparison operators ,PHP POST & GET form elements ,Retrieving uploaded files .

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