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PHP Training Institute - GreenMa

Need your favourable job at favourable company choose our training services.Mentioned below more technical related information for your view.

WHTML Overview

The current version of HTML in use today on web today there was last update in 1997,the changed dynamically over 13 years and update HTML was desperately needed. HTML5 introduced number of new element,attributes,events and new ways for development to create webpage and web application using the version of HTML that is designed.In this HTML training course will number of practical example and theoretical class on real time example that will teach also new feature in HTML 5.Learn html 5 in chennai become a Web designing and development.

Prerequisites for getting HTML5 Training

Why Attend? HTML5 Training

New HTML5 semantic and structure element, HTML5 multimedia like audio,video,drawing,animation graphics with canvas element and interaction video, HTML5 formsJava script APIs like DOM,geolocation,orientation, Persistence like DOM storage,cache,index DB.

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