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GreenMa Infotech - Bootstrap Course Description

Websites and web applications have become key to gaining and continuing business and the need for more sophisticated technologies to design responsive and state of the art web applications is increasing. Bootstrap is among the most popular front end frameworks that combines the power of HTML,CSS and JavaScript to create responsive sites.

GreenMa Infotech brings you a comprehensive Bootstrap training course that will help you master the styles of Bootstrap and add sophisticated functionality to your web applications. You will learn how to make effective use of the Bootstrap library and incorporate the design techniques of HTML and CSS, which are the primary building blocks of the web.

You will also put in JavaScript components to add the required behaviour to your website. The workshop ends with you building your very own responsive website using Bootstrap with support from your trainers. The Bootstrap certification proves you are an expert front end developer and helps to move in the right career path. Register and schedule your class according to your convenience. The cost of Bootstrap course at GreenMa Infotech is moderate and the course fee includes the certification fee as well.

What you will learn:

   How to use Bootstrap elements and create a responsive website design
    How to use the Bootstrap library and HTML and CSS and customize them to your style
    How to use the Grid Pattern, Typography, and JavaScript components to add structure and style to the application
    How to create and personalize your own multi-platform, responsive Bootstrap application and publish it on the web while also maintaining code readability

Bootstrap Course Details:

Introduction Of Bootstrap

Bootstrap Library

Designing In Grid


Basic of HTML & CSS

Javascript Basic Components

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