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Flutter And Dart Training

    The Flutter and Dart Training in Chennai are one of the most highly rated courses in Chennai. All the candidates that attend the Flutter and Dart Course in Chennai have high regard for the teaching methods at the Flutter and Dart Training Institute in Chennai. Moreover, the curriculum followed at the Flutter and Dart Course in Chennai is in line with Google’s certification program for Flutter. This allows the candidates to get certified from Google and hence their prospects for a lucrative career as an App Developer. So, what are you waiting for? Enroll with Besant Technologies today and become an App Developer in no time.

Best Flutter and Dart Training

Get enrolled for the most demanding skill in the world. Flutter and Dart Training in Chennai will make your career a new height. We at Besant Technologies provide you with an excellent platform to learn and explore the subject from industry experts. We help students to dream high and achieve it.

Why Dart?

Google dart is essentially a gift to mobile app developers and the reason for its popularity is manifold. Some of the key features of using Dart are as follows

  • Dart is Approachable if you are already familiar with a programming language such as C or C++, thanks to its similarity in object orientation and syntax.
  • Dart is Productive; this is because of the fact that it has crystal clear syntax and a large ecosystem of packages.
  • Dart is Fast and provides quick startups and better predictability with mobile applications.
  • Dart is comfortable with Reactive-programming functions such as User Widgets.
  • Finally, Dart is Portable across Android and iOS systems because of its ability to compile in both ARM and x86 code systems.

Why Flutter?

  • Flutter allows Faster-Development of applications; thanks to its hot-reload feature that allows you to make changes and see them in real-time.
  • Flutter allows the composition of UI with the software’s Modern, Reactive Framework and foundation widgets.
  • Flutters offer the developer to Use Native Features and SDKs.

Flutter and Dart training course syllabus

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Learn Dart Programming

  •     Introduction
  •     Data types
  •     Variables
  •     Operators
  •     Loops
  •     Decision Making
  •     Numbers
  •     String
  •     Boolean
  •     Lists
  •     Map
  •     Symbol
  •     Runes
  •     Enumeration
  •     Functions
  •     Objects
  •     Classes
  •     Collection
  •     Generics
  •     Packages
  •     Exceptions
  •     Typedef
  •     Async
  •     Concurrency
  •     Lambdas and Higher order functions

Module 3: Flutter from scratch

  •     Introduction to flutter
  •     What is Responsive and Adaptive?
  •     What is SafeArea?
  •     Managing MediaQuery
  •     What is Stateful Widget and Stateless Widget?
  •     Building as First App from scratch

Module 4: Explore the basic Flutter Widgets

  •     Material Design
  •     Safe Area
  •     Color
  •     Scaffold
  •     Tab Bar
  •     Navigation Bar
  •     Container
  •     Padding
  •     Center
  •     Text
  •     Image
  •     Row
  •     Column
  •     Expanded
  •     Wrap
  •     Ink Well
  •     Gesture Detector
  •     Align
  •     List View
  •     List View Builder
  •     Page View
  •     Page View Builder
  •     Layout Builder
  •     Future Builder
  •     Stack
  •     List Tile
  •     Fractional Sized Box
  •     Animation
  •     Animation Controller
  •     Animated Builder
  •     Animated Container

Module 5: Build an Hands-On Projects

  •    Build an Movie App using Movie Db API
  •     Build an One-to-One Chatting App with firebase
  •     Build AI Featured App with Firebase MLKit

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